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Fingerprint Padlock

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  • Say goodbye to cumbersome password combinations

  • Made with highly secure metal alloys that makes it near impossible to pry, break or cut

  • Quickly recognizes your finger  and opens

  • Upto 2500 unlocks and 6 months of standby time with one single charge

  • Description

Ultra Secure

Eliminate the need for combinations or keys with the Fingerprint Padlock. This ultra-durable utility lock uses Securix™ military grade biometric authentication technology and provides quick and easy access to your most valued possessions with just one touch. 

Safely stores up to 10 fingerprints and unlocks 2500 times on a single charge. Features up to 1 year of battery standby time, depending on frequency of use. Waterproof and dustproof. Charges via USB.

Quick Unlock

Feather light. Lightning fast. A showcase of our top technologies in a lightweight chassis.

Fingerprint Setup Instruction

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Vanessa J.
Read this review. It’s honest.

This lock has everyone looking 2 to 3 times when I open my locker at work. Its slick design, stylish, easy to use & can be open swiftly. No more hassle of losing the key[s], worrying about remembering a combination (more numbers), or having to cut your lock for whatever other reason.

This lock gives you that peace of mind you have been looking for. It is very durable, easy to set up, and elegant. It's an all in one package. While another person is struggling through their keys to open the lock & others rotate the dial for their combination. You'll just be putting the finger you register on the small square and after you hear the "click" sound, your lock has been unlocked. You can also give others access to your lock if you desire.

Keith J.
I'm Satisfied

Perfect lock for me. No need to remember combinations or find where the key is. I use it when I go to gym. The battery is good so far. I have not charged it since I bought it a month ago and it is still working. Very satisfied with it.

Jason K.
Helps me out so much

This is not a lock to lock an outside shed, or home. But as a locker lock, to prevent a quick grab and dash at a gym, or a work locker, it is absolutely perfect for me.
My old lock had a combo. As my eyesight gets worse, it is difficult for me to read the combo without glasses. Especially in low light. And I don’t want to always wear my glasses.
And if I had a locker lock with a key, it’s only a matter of time before I lost the key. Or left it at home. Or left it in my car.

Jarvis H.
Very happy!

This is a pretty decent lock. You don't have to be super precise when placing your finger on it, and the method of saving fingerprints isn't overly complicated. Do save the instructions, though, because despite not being complicated, you probably won't remember them off the top of your head.

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