Get Warmer, Toastier Feet in Seconds.

  • Keeps feet warm even in sub-zero temperatures

  • One Size Fits all. Simply cut to size and place in shoes

  • Thin & lightweight. Can be worn with tight shoes or insoles

  • "They have kept my feet perfectly warm outdoors in -8 temps for 3/4 hours"

  • Simply connect any USB battery pack and use for hours!

  • Suitable for use at work, home, or outdoors

"They they don't get super hot and offer enough heat to keep me warm outside for a long time"

The ThermaSoles USB heated insoles are the perfect option for anyone with cold feet! 

Whether you are hiking your favorite trail in the Poconos, or deer hunting in Iowa, you will love the warmth and comfort of the ThermaSoles insoles. With built-in, ultra-fine heating panels strategically placed under your feet, they are the best heated insole option on the market. Simply cut to size, slide into your shoes and enjoy heated comfort for hours on end.

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Our insoles provide continuous heating as long as the attached battery pack has charge, so you can keep warm for as long as you'd like. The warming time is varies from a few seconds to a few minutes depends on different environmental conditions. The insoles can heat up to a temperature of 50°C/120°F to warm cold feet in winter without causing sweating.

The Ergonomic Concavo-convex surface of ThermaSoles is designed to tailor to different foot sizes. ThermaSoles come with multiple clipping areas to cut out to your foot size without unraveling or fraying. The multiple cutout areas make sure ThermaSoles are always soft and comfortable with no loose threads and pilling during use.


The battery heated insoles operate on 7.4V, which is rated a low and safe voltage for humans. Our insoles also feature a flexible, PVC fire protection casing to make sure the insoles are flexible, while also keeping you safe at all time and in all conditions.

ThermaSoles are also waterproof, which means they can be easily washed and are suitable to use during heavy snow.

"I love being outside in the winter. My feet are the only things that get cold. I put them on last night and my feet were nice and warm."

Where can you use ThermaSoles?

Outdoor Activities

Perfect for outdoor activities like:

 Skiing and other winter sports. Hunting or fishing etc


Perfect for indoors use working at a desk or when you just want to relax and keep your feet warm.

Outdoor Work

Perfect for people who work outdoors e.g Farmers, Army, police and emergency personnel, Refridgerator workers.

100% Money Back Guarantee


"I put these in my ski boots on a single digit day in Colorado. I love these. They kept me warm all day. They don't get burn-your-toes-up hot, but stayed comfortable for me. I imagine on a warmer day I might unplug them if I get too warm.  With these, I don't have to replace an expensive battery and worry about charging"

Ross H.

"When winter hits and I have outdoor events or chores to do I have a very hard time staying warm long enough to enjoy what I am doing. I got these to try and help me tolerate sledding, and snowball fights, etc with my kiddos. They fit in my boots easily and are comfortable. The actual sole is not noticeable and the wire running to the battery pack is small and stays out of the way. They heat up the whole foot area pretty well, could be better at the toes, but that is the coldest part of my foot normally. The longest I have used them was 3 hours and they lasted the entire time. I didn't pay close attention to how long the battery took to charge. Great insole, wish I had them much earlier in my life."

Jessica A.

"I ALWAYS have cold hands and feet, always have since I was young. My husband and kids got me these insoles for my birthday (kind of as a gag gift) and they are one of my favorite gifts ever! When I know we will be outdoors for a period of time, I charge them overnight. I wore them taking the kids trick or treating, through Hershey park for Halloween and Christmas and while outside on New Years Eve. The rest of my body was freezing, but my feet were nice and warm"

Ruth S.

"I love being outside in the winter. My feet are the only things that get cold. I put them on last night and my feet were nice and warm."


What's this heated insole made of? is it comfortable to wear?

The heating insoles are pretty soft and cozy, They are lined with memory foam, very soft and highly stretchy.  Ergonomic concavo-convex design for feet. With anti-skid pattern at the back, the insole won't move around during use.

Will these work if I have orthopedic insoles already?

Yes, ThermaSoles are very thin, so there should be no issues adding them on top of you orthepedic insoles.

Do they work in negative temperatures?

Yes, they've been tested to work in temperatures as low as -20C

Do they heat the entire bottom of the foot or just the ball of the foot?

ThermaSoles will heat the entire sole and not just the ball of the foot.

100% Money Back Guarantee


2 out of 3 customers order multiple sets for different shoes

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4,246 HRS


4,246 hrs is the amount of time we’ve spent perfecting ThermaSoles.

From the heating technology to the flexible insole material, every detail has been designed and tested for maximum safety and functionality.

 And we’re not stopping there! We take your feedback very seriously. If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see in ThermaSoles, please contact us via the live chat or use the contact form here.


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